Alibaba Group

Secretary – General of Globalization Office

Juntao Song, Secretary General of Alibaba Economy’s Globalization Office, is assisting the chairman of the office to lead the eWTP Initiative and coordination of Alibaba business units engaged in globalization. He is also in charge of International government relations for Asia, Africa and the Pacific. The eWTP Initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership to help build up e-infrastructure to empower local SMEs around the world to use technology participate in international trade and benefit from globalization under his leadership, eWTP pilot hubs in Zhejiang Province, Malaysia, Rwanda and Belgium were successfully launched during the last 2 years. Before joining Alibaba, Mr. Song worked in the Customs Administration of China for almost 20 years. He is an expert on tariffs, customs regulations and management and border control, and has participated in free trade agreement negotiations between China and foreign countries.

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