Alibaba Cloud Europe

Head of Benelux & Israel

Michel Cui serves as the Head of Benelux & Israel at Alibaba Cloud Europe, He started his career as a Functional Consultant at Atos Origin Group and works in ICT field for many years, with a mission to spread cutting edge digital technologies from online to offline, from urban to rural, from France to overseas, from basic needs to lifestyle and fun, he is very concerned about the development of innovative technologies and the establishment of a local business ecosystem with partners, at the same time, he also has a keen insight in industry changes driven by Cloud computing, Big Data, AI and Blockchain. Make IT simple, Make business Agile, Digital technology are amazing business that is admired not only for its innovation but also meaningful contribution to society, he has helped EU leading Retail & E-commerce companies to make digital Plan & new retail strategy in their global business expanion.

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